Diversity in Products Consistency in Quality

Our RubberCare Powdered and Powder-Free Latex Exam Gloves are certified for Superior Performance and Under the SMR program, gloves produced by us are monitored at regular intervals to check that they meet the SMR specification. The program should prove to be a win-win formula for all in the healthcare world.

The technical parameters specified in the SMR program were derived at after consultation with regulatory agencies, standards organizations for Testing and Materials, consumers and glove manufacturers, testing laboratories that ensure the manufacture of quality low-protein gloves that are not only high in barrier protection, but also low in allergy risk. In respect of powder-free gloves, the limits for total extractable protein content and residual powder content for SMR are more stringent than those contained in the rest. Their needs are given prompt attention and utmost care. A long-term honest relation is maintained with them.

Thus, we could always maintain a strong rapport with our customers

Who We Are?

Over the years SMR has been recognized as a place of “Trust” with its immacculate quality and service operated in the most elegant and precise manner strategized to perfection. The "Look and Feel" posessed with SMR Group cannnot be expressed.

Leader in Rubber Industry

SMR has not bloomed to heights within the span of a single day. The service offered by us was of matchless quality and was carried on from one client to the other serving us to stature ourselves steadily as a reckoning force to seek upon

Who we are?

Best Quality and Service

SMR builds a product that lasts for an eternity. We deliver solutions in our own exquisite style, which will exceed the expectations of the clients and will help them to meet the requirements in this constantly changing and challenging world. This depicts the Quality that we abide in SMR


The unique manner in which we design our products not only essence out our Skills but also the precision in its crafting which makes us ever so “Reliable.”

Business Strategy

We create products that build tangible long-term value for brands and culture for them. We deliver solutions in our own unique style, which will exceed the expectations of the clients and will help them to meet the requirements in this constantly changing and challenging world.

Our commitment to quality of our product and reliability in services gained us unparalleled reputation amongst the centrifuged latex manufacturers. It is an appreciable fact that we have never received any complaint regarding quality of our latex. In every past year, we were able to gain at least a couple of new foreign customers. We reckon every customer as a partner in the larger perspective. We work in partnership for the benefit of both the parties concerned. Even when the demand was high, both in the international and domestic markets, we never had to withheld or postpone any export commitments. Thus, we could always maintain a cordial customer relation. “We value relationships rather than making mere profits”. We are functioning as a family and not a mere factory. All of them are given due introductions in their respective field of activities.

Our Excellence